B&W Checkers Skate Strap


B&W Checkers Skate Strap


This 1 inch vinyl webbing wraps around the boot and plate (either in between the king pin and pivot, or around the back of the plate, see images for illustration) depending on what angle you prefer to keep your heel/feet from slipping around inside your skates to improve comfort and agility.

I am attempting to have sizes for these to be more accommodating, I have been collecting sizing information from people who have needed to request larger sizes. Here is the estimated sizing chart*:

Small 18 inch approx boot size: 4-6.5
Medium 20 inch approx boot size: 6-8.5
Large 22 inch approx boot size: 9-11.5
X Large 24 inch approx boot size: 12-14.5

* sizing may vary based on your boot plate, so for best results, please check out the illustration of how these go around your skates and measure them out. If they don't fit, I will gladly get you the proper size. Thanks!!

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